How To Eliminate Acne Naturally in 2 Months

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You want to treat acne? I have a procedure that will clear your face in 1-2 months. It's natural and inexpensive.

The procedure involves putting a creamy mask on your face every night. You will make this mask at home quickly and easily. You need just 2 ingredients to make this mask:

  1. An off-the-shelf face cream that does not block pores. Aveeno will do for instance
  2. Apple cider vinegar. Yes, apple cider vinegar. Make sure it is non-filtered with mother of vinegar. It will say so on the label

Now that you have the ingredients, this is what you need to do:

  1. Put some cream in a small bowl, enough to cover your face
  2. Start mixing in some vinegar with the cream a few drops at a time. Do not add too much at a time otherwise they will not mix well. You will need to add at least the same volume of vinegar as you have cream. You want to add as much vinegar as possible without ending up with a runny/liquidy mixture. It should still have some thickness to it
  3. Apply the mixture to your face a couple of hours before you go to sleep. Do not wash your face off or wipe it when you go to sleep.
  4. If your acne is big, and patchy, you may want to cover your face with small pieces of cellophane wrap after you apply the mixture. Just put the cellophane strip on you wet skin. It will stick. This will prevent the vinegar from evaoprating quickly and will make it last longer and be more effective. Take off the strips 15 minutes before you go to sleep, but, again, don't wipe it off or wash it
  5. Wash your face in the morning with a non-creamy soap so that you don't walk around smelling like a distiller
  6. Repeat every night

In about a month, your acne should be reduced, and your face will be smooth like a baby's bottom.


I have known this acne treatment for years and have had many people I know use it to clear up their faces.

By MissBesa

I am a personal coach and mentor. I take people and mould them into something better, depending on their potential. I get very good results because I am a person who puts rules and is not afraid to enforce them. We live in a society that has become slack, complacent, and weak. My solution is to be strict and controlling. I control much of the lives of many of my clients, and they are so much happier and successful because of it.

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I am not a doctor, so use this at your own risk and after consulting a doctor. If you have very sensitive skin or are prone to eczema, then you probably shouldn't be using it.

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Manda_94   10 years ago
i came across apple vinegar many times, but nobody talked about using it with a lotion before.
cassyK   10 years ago
now that they're mostly gone do I stop the nightly mask or do I keep doing it? the info is not clear on that.
lilpup   10 years ago
been doing it for a month now and only a few red scars are there i'm hoping they will keep clearing up with time
anne_marie   10 years ago
Saw this here 2 weeks ago and had both my teenage daughters try it. We're already seeing improvements
JohnLA   10 years ago
19yo, working for me. thx
janey   10 years ago
Gonna try this one. Wish me luck!
emmaP   10 years ago
I ran it by my dermatologist and he wants me to stick to my treatment but I've been on Clindets for 2 months now and no improvement. I like the vinegar part but I'm still not sure.
aaaaaron   10 years ago
i'm hooked and a believer. you got my vote
robiard   10 years ago
it actually works. I'd never have guessed. Thanks a lot lady!
alana   10 years ago
so cool! thanks!
cara   10 years ago
i used the celophane like you said and just a week my whiteheads are pretty much gone. awesome advice positive vote for sure
boba   10 years ago
Never come across this treatment before. Thanks for sharing

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