FAQ For Policies and Violations

Can I post any tricks?

You must have the right to distribute the trick if you want to post it. So it is either something that you came up with or it is information that is allowed to be distributed. You may not post copyrighted material or information that is considered illegal to distribute.

Can I post pictures or videos as part of my trick?

Yes, but you must have the right to distribute any media you post.

What can I do if someone took my trick and is selling it here?

If you are the copyright owner of content that was posted on our website, please contact us immediately with a link to the page where the copyrighted material is found. Any member posting copyrighted material without permission could have their account terminated and earnings forfeited.

Is there a privacy policy?

Yes, we value privacy and keep the identify of both members and buyers anonymous. Review our privacy policy for details. Please do not post any identifiable information about yourself.

What is the policy towards members offering bad or useless tricks?

Without a good reason, we do not review tricks offered by members. If a member offers a trick that is not considered good, their ratings will be poor and that should be a good indication to buyers. If a member makes false claims about their trick and it is obvious that it does not work, please let us know. We will give you a full refund as well as remove the trick from our website. We like to maintain a website offering high standard information that is useful to users.

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