FAQ For Buyers

Do I need to register to buy a trick?

Anyone can purchase tricks without the need to register. Simply click on the "Order Now" button on the trick page to pay by credit card without registering.

How are payments processed?

Payments are processed securely through PayPal.

Can I contact the seller to ask questions?

Of course. You can ask questions before or after purchasing. Simply visit the trick page and use the Contact form on the right hand side (or at the bottom of the screen for mobiles).

What if I buy access to a trick but don't find it useful?

InfoBasic.com insists that all sellers post valid tricks that are useful and corresponds to the benefits promoted. If the trick does not fulfull its promise or is different from advertised, then you as a buyer are entitled to a 100% refund. Simply contact us using the contact page form and request a refund. Please indicate your transaction number so we can investigate.

How do I rate the seller?

If you purchased an trick, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the trick you purchase and a link where you can rate it and leave a review if you wish. If the item is free, you need to be a registered member to rate the item.

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