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MissBesa's trick will increase your breast size naturally by 1-2 cups in just 2 months.


There is a very natural way to increase your breast size by 1-2 cup sizes in 2 months. It is not supplements because they mostly do not work and have health side effects. It is not breast pumps because your breasts will end up long and droopy. No! What you want is to have your own body stimulate your breast growth so it is completely natural and so you end up with firm and shapely breasts. All you have to do is trick your body into thinking you're still a growing teenager.

I discovered this technique through my work. As a personal coach, I work with many women, some of whom have a lack of confidence or excessive shyness or anxiety. So I developed a set of techniques for them to do in private at home to help them overcome their issues and come out of their cocoon.

The techniques were a great hit with most of them and they quickly improved to overcome their complexities.

To my surprise (and their joy), there was a beneficial side effect to the techniques: every one of them noticed an increase in her breast size. Apparently, what I asked them to do resulted in breast enlargement as well as improved confidence. I asked other female clients who had image issues and smaller breasts to try the techniques out, and the ones that did them all ended up with enlarged breasts.

I did some research and consulted with several colleagues and the conclusion was that the breast enlargement was a result of a psychological process. The mind was telling the breasts to grow bigger. It is a completely natural stimulation without diet changes or supplements or excercise.

After about 2 months the breasts stopped growing and maintained the maximum size they reached, which was at least 1 cup size larger, but not more than 2. The most improvement I saw was on a young woman (23 years old). She went from a small B-cup to a large C-cup, which is quite a difference. The breasts were always firmer and more round. The women who used these techniques were all beween 18 and 33 years old, so I would recommend it for someone in that age range.

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The details of the techniques you need to do on a daily basis to increase your breast size. There is no dieting involved. Nothing special you need to eat. No supplements. And there is no physical excercise involved. But you need to spend about 30-60 minutes a day working on some techniques on your own. Please note that it does involve some sexuality and mind focus. So you need to have an open mind. If you are a prude conservative, this is not for you because I will be asking you to think some naughty thoughts. I know this is controversial, but it works and if you're willing to try it, it will get you what you want at a fraction of the cost of surgery and without the risks. You're the one with the credit card, so it's your choice.

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I am a personal coach and mentor to many people. I have pushed several young women with image issues to use this technique and it worked every time.

By MissBesa

I am a personal coach and mentor. I take people and mould them into something better, depending on their potential. I get very good results because I am a person who puts rules and is not afraid to enforce them. We live in a society that has become slack, complacent, and weak. My solution is to be strict and controlling. I control much of the lives of many of my clients, and they are so much happier and successful because of it.

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I do not want young girls trying this. This is not for minors or youth. If you're an adult woman who is open minded, then by all means give it a try and you will see a definite increase in size.

I say open minded because there is some sexuality involved in the process. This is private and you will be doing the techniques on your own of course.

Do not expect any miracles. If you are looking to get youreslf from an A cup to a DD cup, then you should see a plastic surgeon. If you are realistic and are looking for enhancement, then this will work very well.

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Vicki   4 years
I love this trick. It's a bit tiring but I started noticing changes in less than 2 weeks. Well worth the effort
jade   4 years
oh wow, who would have thought ...
Holly_1989   4 years
I love you for sharing this method!!
Laure   4 years
I've been on this for like 10 days now and my breasts are tingly all day now so I think it's working!
haley2   4 years
it's so much fun but i find it a bit frustrating looking forward to great results
justthistime   4 years
It works it actually works! I started it 3 weeks ago and my bras are finally getting tight. I'm voting positive for you. Thanks hun!
becky_j   4 years
i started it last night right after receiving the info. I'm keeping it up and it's making me very anxious but in the good sense
havinfun   4 years
haha this is officially the most fun method to increase breast size .. i'm starting it tonight
Cerena   4 years
well worth the effort
brittney_   4 years
Just wanted to say that you're right about the breast pumps. If you read this, stay away from breast pumps.
Angelia   4 years
MissBesa thanks for sending me the details for free. I look forward to working with you on the other issues.
LeezaA   4 years
I signed up for this because it was posted on the facebook of my cousin. It's worth a shot.
elisha555   4 years
my bf loves you for this ;)
Angelia   4 years
I signed up for this because it was posted on the facebook of my cousin.
greenie   4 years
i waited 2 weeks before voting just to make sure. thanks!!!
bradsgirl   4 years
Amazing technique I'm sold on this
SparksWillFly   4 years
I'm giving this a positive vote but I'm not sure I want to do that at this point.
Lez212   4 years
weird baby weird. +
hollaholla   4 years
Can't believe I'm actually doing this one but you're right I know it.
LindieSalberg   4 years
I just paid for it. LOL. Why didn't I think of that? I'll email you in a 2 month and let you know how it turns out for me.

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