How To Make A Water Softener for Under $25

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FresnoPlumbing's trick will show you how to make a fully effective water softener using material costing less than $25.


Do you live in an area with hard water? Then you probably have all sorts of problems with scale, and I'm sure you've heard that a water softener is the solution. I used to recommend them and install them myself. But the cost is high for most people and they prefer to live with scale than to spend a couple thousand bucks on a machine that will break down in a few years. Nowadays they are building them cheaper. This guy went on social media and got one for around $200. His blog only talks about 3 brands though. You can find a more thorough comparison including ranking by price and value for the popular water softener brands on this site.

But that's not the advice I'm offering here. My advice is to make your own water softener and that will cost you around $25 in material and just a little bit of effort, no more. Well, technically, it will not be a water softener. It will be a water conditioner. The difference is that a water conditioner will simply eliminate the effects of the calcium instead of removing it. The results are pretty much the same: no scale, soap and detergents work much better, no ruined appliances, no clogged pipes, no spotted glasses. The water conditioner is much easier because it does not need salt or backwashing and cleaning. The only case where you are better off with a true water softener is if you have very hard water or well water. Otherwise, why spent over $1,000 when you can do it for $25?

If you want a solution for your hard water and don't want to spend much money, then this is for you. It is very easy and quick to make and will last for many many years. And you don't need salt or chemicals for it. I've been doing this for my customers for at least 4 years now. I make it and put it in for $60 and almost every one of them is happy. Here, I tell you how to do it yourself and I am asking for $19 only for this information. You will need to pay around $20-$25 more when you buy the material you need.

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A 2-page guide on how to make your own water softener using material you can buy for less than $25. The guide will tell you what you need, what to make, and what to do with it to condition your home water so that you don't have anymore hard water problems.

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I am a plumber with many years of experience. I know about water softeners, what they do and how they work. I know about scale and its problems and the damage it does. I know how to fix it.

By FresnoPlumbing

I'm a semi-retired plumber in Fresno, California. I have many tips and tricks that I can offer on here that'll save you lots of money. Feel free to send me a message if you have questions and I will help you with what I can.

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From 4 years of using these for customers, they work well except in certain conditions:

  • If you have very hard water or well water. The hardness will be reduced but not eliminated and you may see some scale formation
  • If you have a large house with more than 6 bathrooms with constant water use. The water may flow too fast to be conditioned properly.

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jwok   4 years
very clear and easy instructions on what to do. i thought it was going to be more complicated than this, but it's simple. highly recommend this trick.
Amby   4 years
Hi I just looked at the guide and seems very easy enough. thanks for offering to refund if it was too complicated for me
RogerMenard   4 years
Quite the solution you got there. Thank you
jerr   4 years
got the material off ebay for $16.95 ... will put it together when it's delivered seems easy enough
malone   4 years
Can't wait to try it and see the results. thanks
Asmasim   4 years
Simple and easy way to soften water. I'm just glad I don't have to deal with salt anymore
4u4ever   4 years
my bf had be buy this and he put it in last week. still early to tell but there was far fewer spots than usually on last night's dish washing
bestdad   4 years
cheap and works. thanks man!
RyanIsMe   4 years
From Fresno too! Thanks for the softwater tip.
kranky   4 years
Great solution for hard water! THanks.
Sue56   4 years
My husband and I came across your solution 2 weeks ago. I waited until now before giving a positive review to make sure it was fine first.
carolinas   4 years
Count me in!
BlueThunder   4 years
awesome share! awesome advice!
HelenT   4 years
It's posts like this that make this site worth it!
dorothy   4 years
We put up with hard water for a long time. Glad someone found an easy solution.
freitag   4 years
cool fix. thanks
MrSparks   4 years
Thanks for sending the guide so quickly. Look good.
william66   4 years
I heard of something similar before and it was well recommended so I'm sold on the concept.
MaryBeth   4 years
It's about time someone called those big companies on their high prices.
Pearly   4 years
I just ordered so I'm holding my vote till confirmed.

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